How to add yourself to your own Twitter lists





Adding to Twitter Lists

If your like me you probably have lots of people that you follow on Twitter. Even if you
do not have a lot of followers yet if you intend doing a lot of marketing with Twitter then
your followers and the people you follow on Twitter will grow.

This can make it almost impossible to read all the tweets you want to from all the people
you follow the solution to this problem is to create Twitter lists.

By creating a list you can add only those people from a particular area of interest. Then at
your leisure you can go to those lists and read posts that are important to you.

One problem I came across recently was how to add myself to the lists that I create. I like
to make my lists public that way anyone on your list gets more publicity, naturally you
want to include yourself on that list.

Twitter itself does not provide a way to do this from within Twitter.

The solution is to use a Twitter owned product named Tweetdeck there is no cost to join up.

Follow this link to join up now. Once you join Tweetdeck find your profile in the interactions
column or in one of the other columns.

Click the 3 dots under your image as in the picture below:

Add to list












From there click on the Add or Remove from lists option you can now add yourself to your own
list. Whenever anyone now shares your list you will be included as one of the posters in that list.

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About the Author
Philip Rickwood is a Social Media Enthusiast
from Devonport in Tasmania with over 90k
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*Note: I originally posted this article on Brand My Biz