5 Ways Note Taking will Improve Productivity










Take notes as you think of ideas

Unless I take notes when I think of an idea I’ll probably forget all about it. By taking just
a short note I can always refer back to it later and work on the idea if it has any merit.

5 Ways Note Taking will Improve Productivity

1 Have a notepad on your desk if you work in an office or are a home based worker. That
way whenever you think of an idea you can just jot it down and won’t forget. I usually just
have a small notepad with the date scribbled on top under that I write any new idea or
concept that comes to me.

2 Use a mind mapping software like Freemind this is public domain free software that
you can transfer ideas to easily and always come back to later. I find mind maps great
for linking related ideas together. Once you have achieved the task or completed it simply
delete it from your list on Freemind.

3 Use the bookmarking service on your browser. Whenever you see a page or site that
could be useful in future bookmark it for future reference. I find it best to place it in an
appropriate folder such as ‘Social Media’. Immediately saving it to a folder it will be much
easier to manage your bookmarks long term. It can become difficult to locate specific sites

4 When your out for a walk or not at the office carry a small notepad and pen with you.
That way whenever an idea creeps into your mind you can make a quick note of it and then
add it to Freemind or a more comprehensive list later.

5 Most mobile phones these days have provision to save notes or ideas. If you don’t like
the idea of carrying a note pad with you then place it on your phone. Later copy the idea
to another list.

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