Top 10,000 Domain Names by Domain Count

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Below is a list of the top 20 domain names by domain count on the internet. It can be difficult to find a top level domain name like .com if you want one of the top names like web or net. You can always pay a premium to obtain these domains but they can be expensive.

Even words such as ‘social’ can be difficult to find if you want to use it as the first word in your domain name.

Top 20 Domain Names

1.    web
2.    net
3.    art
4.    tech
5.    cloud
6.    shop
7.    home
8.    media
9.    world
10.    pro
11.    design
12.    mobile
13.    life
14.    city
15.    tv
16.    blog
17.    travel
18.    online
19.    it
20.    star

For a full list of names go to leandomainsearch who do a great job in compiling this list.

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